Four Most Important Areas For Building Security in New York

If you have a business in New York, New York City, NYC, NY, Manhattan and want to install CCTV guard service, you are probably wondering about the best places to install surveillance cameras. Building security is extremely important to a business, especially if you have a lot of people coming in and out of the building on daily basis.

Here are four of the most important areas to supervise with the help of the building security system and surveillance cameras:

  1. Entrances and exit points

You have to keep an eye on who comes into the building and who gets out of the building. This can be the first indicator that someone has “hidden” plans. Usually look for people who enter the building with their faces covered, wearing a hoodie, sunglasses and have an alarming appearance.

  1. Halls

Halls are public places that are used by most people to get from one place to another (i.e.: from one office to another, to go to bathroom, etc). Installing building security solutions such as surveillance cameras in halls can give you an accurate image of the people who are in the building at a certain moment of day.

  1. Receptions and POS

It is very important to ensure that your building security system covers these areas because this is where people work with cash money. There are numerous accounts of people trying to rob a supermarket store who were later caught thanks to the surveillance cameras that were installed nearby and caught everything on tape.

  1. Stairs and elevators

Again, these are public places where things can get out of control. Since you cannot have a security guard using the elevator all day long to ensure its safety, it is better to consider installing surveillance cameras in elevators and on stairs as part of your building security system.

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