High-tech Guard Service in Manhattan, NY

A virtual guard service is all you need for your building security

We live in an unpredictable and often hostile world and that is why some form of guard service is essential especially in big cities such as Manhattan and NYC.  Virtual service can advise regarding your best options for building safety and security guard services in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY and NYC.

When it comes to security guard services you have a number of options. The worst will be no guard service at all. Simply relying on a traditional lock and key is tantamount to no guard service at all. You have the option of a human guard. The traditional security guard services provides by humans still have an important role to play but for most small and medium sized businesses  there are more cost effective solutions.

Virtual security is the viable alternative to a human guard. A virtual guard service is based on sophisticated and advanced technology. This means that a person will only be allowed access if he or she has the right credentials. This could be by way of a proximity card and a pin code or even by way of some biometric identification. If a person does not have the right credentials the system simply won’t allow access. If anyone tries to gain access through some form of force the system will raise an alarm that will trigger an appropriate response. A virtual guard service also has other benefits. A virtual guard does not need to eat and sleep or use restrooms. A virtual guard service also does not demand a big fat check at the end of the month.

Security guard services in the form of virtual services can cover all important aspects of building security including access control, intercoms as well as video surveillance coupled with live monitoring and interaction.


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Corporate Security and Hospital Security in Manhattan, NY

Corporate and hospital security require advanced systems that deter and prevent

Corporate security in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY, NYC can be very challenging and demanding and you need the right systems to keep your business or facility safe and secure. Hospital security is a particularly good example of this. For the latest in corporate and hospital security systems you should consult the team at Virtual Service.

Whether you need corporate security, hospital security or venue security, the objectives remain the same. These include the safety of all those who are in the building, those who come and go. The protection of assets and valuables as well as confidential information is another important objective of corporate security. This achieved by two important factors – deterrence and prevention.

In order to effectively protect your business, building or facility you need the type of security that will keep out unauthorized people whilst allowing easy access to authorized staff and visitors. You need a security system that can protect all the important, sensitive and critical areas of your facility.

Corporate security starts with access control and information about the movements of people in and out of your building and facility. Electronic access can be implemented through the use of proximity cards, keypads as well as bio-metric options.  When someone enters your facility the system should record the fact that they are in the building, whether they use staff cards or visitor cards. The system should also record the fact that they have left the building. Access control should also be implemented at sensitive areas such as hospital laboratories, drug stores, computer rooms and so on.

In addition to access control your corporate security system should use CCTV cameras to record events and activities in and around your building. This type of footage can be critical in figuring what actually took place during some event or incident. This footage can also be vital in obtaining a conviction should there be consequential legal proceedings.  Real time surveillance is another important aspect of corporate security that enables rapid response should it be needed.

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Corporate Security in New York City

Why Should We Choose Virtual Security?

Virtual security implies all measures and processes that ensure the safety and protection of virtual infrastructure, monitoring security within this virtual environment.

Even though it is obvious that the virtualization of security presents many benefits and is more and more popular in what security is concerned, be it corporate, healthcare or educational environment, this system can presents some risks too, just like any other security system. Nevertheless, specialists always work on developing their infrastructure in order to reduce risks as much as possible.  The most important thing for people is protection, and they will always look for the best solutions to protect their home, property or business.

While virtual security brings a lot of benefits for people, people keep on developing these virtual machines, making them more effective by using new technological methods, in order to facilitate and improve their way of working.

Benefits of virtual security

These virtual machines are developed as independent environments, which allows administrators to configure them as they would like to. Isolating each virtual system reduces the risk of infecting the entire virtual infrastructure. For example, if a security breech occurs, a virtual machine can be shut down, while another one can be connected to another system, leaving time for finding and fixing the problem.  With the help of virtual security, risks and exposures can be reduced, and the system can recover very quickly in case of a problem of any kind. What owners really like about virtual security, is that it offers restricted access to the hardware, which means that they feel protected. Virtual security is chosen by a lot of people because it guarantees flexibility, reliability and efficiency. The security machines can be made at request, following the needs of each individual or company, focusing on the protection and security of their clients.

Virtual Guard agency, present in Manhattan and throughout New York City, can create and develop the perfect virtual system for you, taking into account your needs, your expectations and your budget.

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Building Security in Manhattan, New York City, NYC

How to Secure a Building?

Building security means protecting a building or a property against intruders. This is a very difficult task because it works on many levels, as a building can be very large so a really efficient security system is needed in such a case.

The owner has to think about the inside and the outside of the building, as they both have to be watched over. An important security aspect would be the protection of the outdoors. As an owner you get to decide who can enter your property and who cannot.

This protection can be offered through a simple gate or fence, always closed for strangers, or it can be more serious, implying wire fence and an armed guard. The choice depends on the level of chances that you are ready to take as an owner.

The interior of the building is usually protected by the use of alarm systems, keys and locks. The alarm system is the most important one, because it warns owners when the system is breached. This is an efficient way of protecting a building, because in case of an attack, help arrives very quickly.

Security cameras are also a very good way of monitoring every movement in the building, offering a very good sight of what happens inside your building. Motion detectors might be another useful way of protecting you building against intruders, because they can sense every movement, warning about possible intrusion.

Security measures are very important when you have a business as an owner, not only because it is your responsibility to protect your employees, but also because your building and goods can be in danger too. That is why people should only choose the best services when it comes to security service.

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