Building Security and Corporate Security in Manhattan, New York NY, NYC

Virtual building security never sleeps or calls in sick

Building or corporate security should not be left to chance and modern day high tech virtual systems can greatly enhance the safety of your employees, residents and assets. A virtual building security system can work for all types of businesses, apartments, complexes and facilities. It does not matter whether you own a jewelry store in New York,  a medical facility in New York City, or a retail outlet in NYC, a financial institution in NY or an apartment in Manhattan, you can get a corporate or building security system to match your requirement.

Virtual Service offers building and corporate security services in NY, NYC and Manhattan. This high tech virtual security system can watch over your facility on 24/7 basis, keeping you, your staff, your family and loved ones safe.  A virtual security system can consist of one or more integrated components such as connected intercoms, electronic access and video surveillance. Advanced software analysis video feed and quickly detect abnormal or suspicious behavior.  If an incident occurs the system will immediately alert an operator or a member of the monitoring team.  The operator will in turn notify relevant people or authorities. This advanced system does not only detect criminal behavior but can also detect people in distress and trigger the necessary help and assistance. Connected intercoms also offer improved communications and enhanced security. Access control will restrict access to your building, your apartment or sensitive areas of your facility.

Virtual building security can offer 24/7 surveillance of your business at a fraction of the cost of a traditional human guard service. Human guards can lose concentration, be distracted or call in sick. A virtual service does not have these human limitations and therefor offers an effective security solution that is always vigilant and ready to act.

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