Building Security and Virtual Security for Manhattan and All of NY

Building security and virtual security for improved protection and safety

We live in dangerous times where crime, corruption and fraud are omnipresent. Security is one of paramount concerns of most business owners and corporate manager. Virtual Guard provides top rated security services that will help to protect and safeguard your premises, workers and facilities from numerous perils.  We operate in the areas of NEW YORK, NEW YORK CITY, NYC, NY, and MANHATTEN where we offer cost effective virtual security for many companies and organizations.

Our cutting edge surveillance equipment enables us to monitor your facilities remotely providing an additional layer of building security suitable for most type of enterprises including corporates, retail, health and education. We offer a service that goes beyond selling and installing high tech CCV and related monitoring and surveillance equipment.

We are your partners in security solutions and we customize our products and plans to meet your requirements. Whether you need a single camera or an integrated and comprehensive building security, we have virtual security options suitable for your needs.

We provide effective virtual security solutions to all types of businesses, including jewellery shops, schools, colleges, pharmacies, health care facilities and many more. We monitor your facility 24/7. Virtual Guard never sleeps or rests.  Our advanced software and related video solutions can easily distinguish between real threats and false alarms, thereby saving you time and money. Our software is designed and programmed to recognize the differences between a human and an animal, between normal and suspicious behaviour.

We understand security is not a one-fits-all solution.  We can for example provide surveillance for specific high risk areas and tailor solutions to match your specific needs. In addition our highly trained staff members know how to respond to any threat, so whether you are on or off-site, you can rest assured your safety and your possessions are in professional hands

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