Building Security for New York City, Manhattan, NY, and NYC

The Main Threats Of Building Security

When you think about buildings, you create in your mind the image of a block of flats, or a tall construction with rooms in it… and that is all. But the truth is that nowadays buildings are very different from what we traditionally know them to be. They are known as smart buildings, and are to be found in New York, New York City, NYC, NY, Manhattan and all around the world.

Building security for these constructions is therefore of paramount importance. Because smart buildings are being implemented so naturally into our day-to-day environment, it is important to make sure that corporate security is being taken care of from the early stages of building design and construction.

What are the main areas of building security?

A smart building includes elements such as power, electricity, water, to which we may easily add air conditioning, lifts, lighting, heating and last but not least, door locks. Almost all of these elements have a small computer embedded in them (especially automatic door locks, automatic lighting and so on).

Therefore, building security has to take care of all these elements. It does not deal solely with providing security against external threats (such as thefts or terrorist attacks); building security also deals with the management and maintenance of the “smart” elements in a building. After all, these are the elements which keep the building fully functional and modern.

In addition to all this, another reason why it is important to secure the safety and well-functioning of a building is because by doing this you are also protecting the building from being taken over by attackers; these attackers can activate motors, locks and “play” with the building’s settings to their advantage. Therefore, every control system of a building that is poorly protected against hacks is practically an open door, an invitation to an attack.

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