Building Security in Manhattan, NYC, NY, New York

Virtual security guard services for best building security


Building security is highly dependent on effective security guard services.  If you want effective building security in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY or NYC then the team at Virtual Service can help. They offer the latest and greatest in state-of-the-art security guard services that will help keep your NY building, apartment or facility safe.


Security Guard Services can come in different forms such as a human doorman, a security officer, a number of security officers, an electronic access system or some combination of these. Today virtual security is trending because it is effective in terms of application and cost.

Virtual building security can in fact replace the need for human guard services. The two can also work together where this will be beneficial. Virtual guard services consist of things such as electronic access, card readers, proximity cards, electronic keypads, self-locking electronic doors and so on.

What this means is that if you don’t have a card and access code or some biometric access authority, you can’t get in. Someone on the inside will have to let you in.  The system keeps track of who is in the building and who has left the building.  This provides better of who is inside and who is outside the building.

When you combine door access control with other building security elements such as alarms, CCTV surveillance and remote monitoring take your building security to a much higher and more effective level.

Modern security guard services therefor exist in the form of electronic access control, video surveillance and remote monitoring.  This type of guard service and be deployed at the main entrance, inside your building and in sensitive areas in your building or facility.

And of course you can still combine the traditional security guard services with the high-tech virtual services for the best of both worlds.

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