Guard Service for Manhattan, New York City, and NY

Security has always been important for New York City businesses, but it is more important today than ever. As the most populated city in the United States, NYC offers businesses with incredible wealth and growth opportunities, but it also makes them vulnerable. Implementing effective security strategies is vital, regardless of your industry and the size of your NY business.

Traditionally, many Manhattan and New York businesses have turned to guard services to protect their entryways and act as a first line of defense to any unauthorized individuals who attempt to gain building access. Sometimes the mere presence of a guard is enough of a deterrent, however sometimes it’s not. Relying on a security guard also means conducting background and reference checks and trusting that they are capable, reliable and honest. While guard services have many benefits, there are many areas in which this type of security falls short of the mark, and that’s where Virtual Guard comes in.

Our remote video surveillance technology allows you to have eyes on your property at all times, whether a security guard is present or not. Many New York City businesses choose to implement this technology to work in conjunction with their guard service. So, when the security guard steps away from their post, takes a break, is busy assisting someone or in the event that they fall asleep, there is always someone watching and monitoring the safety of your Manhattan or NYC property. This technology is also vital to protecting the wellbeing of your security guards. If they are ever injured, in need of medical assistance or have been incapacitated by an intruder, our remote monitoring specialists can promptly contact the proper authorities and get help.

If you are looking to reduce expenses at your New York facility or apartment building without sacrificing security, the Virtual Guard system can even be used to replace traditional guard service. Through remote video monitoring, Virtual Guard can watch your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, responding quickly in the event of a security breech or emergency. Best of all, you never have to worry about your security guard falling asleep or failing to do their job properly. With Virtual Guard, we are alway vigilant and watchful.

Whether you are looking to replace your guard service with a hi-tech security solution or want to enhance your NY building security by supplementing your guard service, Virtual Guard has your solution. Contact us today to learn more.