Hire A Virtual Guard for 24 Hour Surveillance in Manhattan, New York

Live guards are valuable business assets that keep your business’ premises safe. However, they are humans just like us; therefore it is to be expected that a guard could, unintentionally, make mistakes at the workplace: fall asleep, get distracted, or take a break.

If you want to avoid losing money because of human nature, you can boost your surveillance system at work by installing a virtual guard system that can work in tandem with the live guard. Thus you are creating a team of safety experts at your company’s headquarters in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY, NYC.

The benefits of installing virtual guard safety systems:

The virtual guard is a combination of technological safety systems and human analysis. And while humans need to take breaks from work, the virtual guard doesn’t need to do that; the monitoring system can work 24hrs a day for you, ensuring a safe working environment for your employees.

What is more, the virtual guard system allows a quick and efficient notification in case of a system breech. It can also notify the authorities about the imminent danger, thus ensuring a quick and prompt response from the authorities.

On top of that, a virtual guard system is scalable. This means you have access to a series of statistics and information that can help you understand exactly who is coming in and going out of your company on a daily basis. So besides being a useful safety measure, the virtual guard is also a means of ensuring your employees are coming at work at the right hour and leaving at the end of their program.

Every virtual guard system can be integrated with other safety services. This is why the virtual guard works so well in combination with a live guard or with access control features.

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