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Increased Hospital Security Measures Due To Repeated Threats

In South Carolina there is a hospital which acknowledged that the threats it faces are increasing. As a result, the hospital’s managers decided to increase the security measures, namely to allow the security guards who are responsible with keeping the place safe and at peace to carry guns and handcuffs.

This is the first time that security guards working in a hospital are allowed to carry guns. The rule was not yet applied in hospitals from New York, New York City, NYC, NY, Manhatten. Their guns are not concealed, but are worn on the security guards’ utility belts. In addition to being allowed to wear guns at work, the hospital security managers decided that the guards will be allowed to carry handcuffs, pepper foam and batons.

In spite of being allowed to wear handcuffs, the security guards are not entitled to make arrests. n total, there are 14 people who are allowed to carry a gun in the hospital. This may seem an extreme safety measure, but the hospital’s managers assure that they are taking these actions because they are necessary. There are more and more mass shootings happening across the country, it is considered that hospital security must be treated with more attention. Therefore, the security guards at the CaroMont Regional Medical Center are now carrying 9mm semiautomatic handguns – these guns belong to the hospital and they do not leave the building.

Many people agree that new safety measures should be implemented not only in hospitals, but also in schools or in business headquarters. Officers who make use of their firearm will have to justify the use of force; they are not entitled to open fire unless attacked or unless someone else is physically attacked.

Do you think this is a procedure that should be implemented in more hospitals throughout the country?

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