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Remote Video Surveillance versus Mobile Surveillance: Which One Is Better?

What is the difference between video surveillance and mobile surveillance and which one is better than  the other? If you are a busy business owner or you simply want to make sure that your home is safe while you’re enjoying a holiday abroad, then perhaps you’ve already considered remote surveillance.

The two main – and best – options we are offered so far are video surveillance and mobile surveillance. They are not very different from one another, with a couple of minor exceptions.

Mobile video surveillance offers you the possibility to use your smartphone as you do a PC or a laptop. And supervising everything from a smartphone is way more practical than having to take your laptop with you everywhere you go. However, the array of options and possibilities you are offered is rather limited. You can’t enjoy the same flexibility that a PC gives you.

Video surveillance on a PC is great mainly because it allows you to keep a close eye on what matters to you even when you’re sleeping. This is great! With more features than what you get on a smartphone, you have better control over the things you want to supervise.

Plus, the quality of the video you’re getting on a laptop or a PC monitor is way better than what you are getting on a smartphone. You risk missing important things when watching everything from a smartphone, mainly because of the small screen. You also have higher frames per second when supervising from a PC rather than a smartphone.

But then… you cannot take your PC with you on holiday. And your laptop… you shouldn’t be taking it on the ski slope or at the sea side. But your smartphone, our smartphone was made to accompany you everywhere in the world: New York, New York City, Nyc, Ny, Manhattan…

So decide whether you need to take your surveillance system with you everywhere you go, or if you need better quality videos. Or… you might need both.

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