Security for Future Generations

Looking back on the Newtown shooting this past winter, it is clear there is a need for security systems in educational buildings. While many schools currently have traditional door locks installed, during an emergency this form of security proves slow and inconvenient. However, with access control integrated in school systems across the United States, educational perpetrators and criminal activity would decrease dramatically, due to the strict access of only faculty, parents, and students. In addition, the security system could go even further, with students and parents only having card access to the hallways of educational buildings where their children attend classes. In addition to control of select rooms and hallways, an updated access control security system would allow for schools to implement a centralized alert system, that would notify all classrooms and authorities of an intruder or alert message. In short, with the implementation of access control security systems in educational buildings across the United States, both students and parents would have to think less about the protection of the school, and more about the educational performance.



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