Security Systems in the Wake of the Boston Marathon

It has been a few months since the tragedy of the bombing during the Boston Marathon occurred, and in it’s wake, a lot of questions are being asked. One such question is: How will security in Boston improve after this horrific event?

For one, video surveillance is something that is being taken a lot more seriously as a useful tool for discovering crime or conducting investigative research in both public and private sectors. As Martha Entwistle, an editor for Security System News points out, “They’ve (potential customers) witnessed the Newtown and Boston Marathon tragedies and they’re open to hearing about ways to improve their security.” This also reinforces the notion that high end security systems could become more residential as time goes on, seeing as individuals are starting to recognize a need for a form of added protection. The Boston Marathon tragedy has opened the eyes of many people to the realistic possibility of not only increased commercial security systems, but also residential security systems as part of day-to-day life.


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