Tips for those Offering Security Guard Services in Manhattan NY

5 Tips For Professional Security Guard Services

Security Guard Services NY: Are you thinking about opening a company in the security guard services niche? Are you going to operate in New York, New York City, Nyc, Ny, or Manhattan?

Then listen closely… here are five things you can do to become a security guard.

  1. 1.       It all starts with the right documentation

The bottom line is, if you don’t have those papers, you can’t be a security guard. If you can’t be a security guard, you can’t know all there is about having a company in this niche. So… make sure you have all the documents you need in order to be an approved security guard.

  1. 2.       Learn about it in a certified training school

In order to be a security guard you have to enrol in a certified training school. In New York there are some schools you can choose from. Among them, Alfred University, Fordham University and Olinville Security School are just the peak of the iceberg because the palette of schools you can choose from is extremely wide.

  1. 3.       Apply for a registration card

There are two steps you need to go through when you reach this stage. If you are living in New York you will have to pay an approximately $100 fee to get electronically fingerprinted. Then you will have to pay an extra $36 (approximately, again) money order to Albany, together with your fingerprint receipt and an application.

  1. 4.       Start working

Once you are fingerprinted, checked and approved, you can start working as a security guard. This is the moment when you have to decide whether you want to work as a security guard or open your security guard services company. If you fall into the second category, then read step 5.

  1. 5.       Open your own company

Good luck!

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