Building Security for Manhattan, NYC, NY and New York City

Virtual building security complements your guard service

21st Century security needs demand state of the art equipment and methods and nowhere else is this truer than in NYC.  Virtual guard is the answer to 21st century security needs.  Virtual Service is a company that offers 21st century security solutions to businesses and organizations in New York, New York City, NYC, NY and Manhattan. State of the art video surveillance that captures high definition footage is a powerful and effective addition for any building security solution.

This solution takes your building security to a new level by combining a traditional guard service with a video monitoring service. A human guard service does have many benefits and the ability of a human guard to interact with people is one them. Security cameras add an additional dimension and provide record important surveillance footage that can be used to apprehend and convict an offender. However live-monitoring is the real benefit of remote surveillance as this enables your security team to be proactive and to act in real time. Fast and appropriate action can often be the difference between prevention and cure. And as we all know prevention is better than cure.


Whatever business or institution you operate in New York, be it a residential block of flats, an apartment block, an office building, a college, a jewelry store, a hotel or even a police station, virtual security services will enhance and improve your building security, keeping and your workers safer and happier. Since a virtual guard service helps to deter unlawful behavior it helps to lower losses and damages as a result of felonious and criminal acts.

When you install a state of the art video surveillance system to complement and supplement your guard service you can have peace of mind knowing your building security is as good as it gets.

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