Building Security in New York City, New York, NY and NYC

CCTV guard service enhances your building security

More and more buildings now rely on virtual services for enhanced building security and safety. A CCTV guard service is a central part of nay modern day virtual building security system.  If you own or manage a building in New York, New York City, NYC, NY or Manhattan then you can contact Virtual Service about remote surveillance, electronic access control and improved security.

In today’s high tech world you need the latest technologies to secure your building, home or facility. A modern CCTV guard service combines closed circuit TV with remote monitoring and electronic access control. This means your property is guarded 24/7 and any unusual or suspicious actions will trigger a response by the remote agent.  A CCTV guard service offers many benefits and it can used in place of or together with a traditional guard service.

Some of the main benefits of s CCTV guard service are:

  • Lower cost than human guard
  • Does not sleep or need time off
  • Remote surveillance keeps the monitoring agent out of harm’s way
  • A remote agent cannot be neutralised
  • Acts as a deterrent to potential crimes
  • Crime prevention means residents or staff members are safer
  • Crime prevention saves money by preventing losses due to theft and related activities
  • Video footage and recording are proof and can be used as evidence
  • Monitoring is real time and response can be triggered in real time

Virtual Service will customize a building security service to match your specific needs in Manhattan or New York.  You can have a 24 hour service or select specific hours of the day that you would like remote monitoring to take place.  You can decide which areas of your home or building need to be monitored. You can also combine remote surveillance with electronic access control to give you more peace of mind.

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