CCTV Guard Service and Building Security: Manhattan, New York City, NY

CCTV Guard Service complements and enhances your corporate security


Corporate security is serious business and that is even truer in mega cities such as New York, New York City, NYC, NY and Manhattan.  In today’s high tech and connected world the traditional human guard system is being replaced or complemented by a more modern and sophisticated CCTV guard service. This type of remote video surveillance can be used by any type of business or organization, large or small.


Apart from monitoring the entrance to your building you can also use CCTV cameras to monitor selected and sensitive areas of your business or facility. Whether or not your business or organization employs the services of human guard, a CCTV guard service offers many benefits.  Activities in and around your facility are monitored 27/7. Your virtual guard won’t fall asleep or take time off work. This means you have constant security and if a situation arises, remote operators can trigger fast and effective response.


There are of course situations where the demands of corporate security are such that you may well need the services of regular human security guards.  Virtual Guard offers a remote security solution that can complement your normal guard service. Human guards can interact with people, make decisions and take proactive action.  However a human guard cannot see everything or attend to all security matters.  Human guards may become distracted; need a break or even fall asleep. Human guards could even be overpowered and neutralized placing you and your staff in harm’s way.  A virtual security system will record suspicious or criminal activities and an immediate response will be triggered.


It does not matter what type of business or organization you manage or run in NYC. Virtual Guard has corporate security solutions to match your needs. Whether you need pat-time surveillance, full-time monitoring or selective monitoring, they have plans to accommodate your requirements and your budget.

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