Corporate Security and Hospital Security in Manhattan, NY

Corporate and hospital security require advanced systems that deter and prevent

Corporate security in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY, NYC can be very challenging and demanding and you need the right systems to keep your business or facility safe and secure. Hospital security is a particularly good example of this. For the latest in corporate and hospital security systems you should consult the team at Virtual Service.

Whether you need corporate security, hospital security or venue security, the objectives remain the same. These include the safety of all those who are in the building, those who come and go. The protection of assets and valuables as well as confidential information is another important objective of corporate security. This achieved by two important factors – deterrence and prevention.

In order to effectively protect your business, building or facility you need the type of security that will keep out unauthorized people whilst allowing easy access to authorized staff and visitors. You need a security system that can protect all the important, sensitive and critical areas of your facility.

Corporate security starts with access control and information about the movements of people in and out of your building and facility. Electronic access can be implemented through the use of proximity cards, keypads as well as bio-metric options.  When someone enters your facility the system should record the fact that they are in the building, whether they use staff cards or visitor cards. The system should also record the fact that they have left the building. Access control should also be implemented at sensitive areas such as hospital laboratories, drug stores, computer rooms and so on.

In addition to access control your corporate security system should use CCTV cameras to record events and activities in and around your building. This type of footage can be critical in figuring what actually took place during some event or incident. This footage can also be vital in obtaining a conviction should there be consequential legal proceedings.  Real time surveillance is another important aspect of corporate security that enables rapid response should it be needed.

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