Corporate Security in Manhattan, New York City, and NYC

Hospital and corporate security requires advanced virtual monitoring and access control

A virtual monitoring service is an important component in hospital security, corporate security and business security. The fact that advanced software can interpret actions and events in and around your facility adds another level of sophistication to your security, be it hospital security, corporate security or institutional security.

Virtual Service provides state of the art remote security solutions to businesses, institutions and organizations in New York, New York City, NYC, NY and Manhattan.

Event driven software enables the analysis of events and human actions in and around your premises and facilities. This advanced software can identify unusual or suspicious behavior and then alert remote operators for further analysis and possible action. This type of advanced security is useful for large organizations such as hospitals, corporates, universities, residential complexes and similar institutions.

When you want the latest in corporate security you should look for solutions that integrate video surveillance, access control, color video intercoms with advanced software analysis and remote monitoring. This way you establish a tight security ring around entrance and exit points, in high traffic areas as well as sensitive and critical areas of your business or organization.

A remote video surveillance is an important component of an effective and reliable security solution. It can act as a stand-alone security solution or be integrated with additional security systems such as access control and remote monitoring. It can also be a complement to a physical guard service. A digital and electronic security service offers many additional benefits.  An electronic security system does not require background checks, does not need time off, does not fall asleep and can provide 24/7 surveillance and monitoring.

Whether you are a small business in New York, a medium business in NYC, a corporate in Manhattan or an institution in the state of New York, there are suitable security, surveillance and access systems for your needs and your budget.

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