Guard Service in NYC, NY, New York City, New York and Manhattan

Virtual security guard service is the new cost effective way to protect your residents and your assets

Whether you manage a complex apartment, business or other facility in New York, New York City, NYC, NY or Manhattan, you know that building security is of utmost importance. Now new and innovative technology means you can install and implement cost effective virtual security services to protect your buildings and premises.

A Virtual doorman service can replace the traditional security guard service. This means you might not need a human doorman or guard service.  A virtual service combines electronic access with video surveillance and remote monitoring, keeping residents, workers and assets safe and out of harm’s way.

CCTV cameras, remote intercoms and access control all work together to bring you higher and more dependable level of building security and protection. Your family, your business and your workers are at risk and you for that reason you cannot afford to compromise on security.

Access control enables you to allow or restrict access not only to your main entrance but also to other sensitive areas of your building and facility. The virtual system also maintains a keeps a detailed log of whom and when, which enables you to go back and match access to incidents. In addition a full color intercom system allows you to see and speak to visitors and guest before granting access. Video surveillance footage often provides conclusive evidence of wrongdoing and criminal or unwanted behavior. Remote monitoring means a professional operator assisted by the security system keeps a watchful eye over your home, residence, apartment block or commercial building. A remote system will report an incident to the relevant authorities for fast and effective response.

Virtual Service is a firm that provides innovative and bleeding edge security products, services and solutions to businesses, apartments and homeowners in New York, Manhattan and NYC.  Don’t compromise on security, it is just way too risky and not worth it. A professional and effective guard service means a virtual service.

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