High-tech Guard Service in Manhattan, NY

A virtual guard service is all you need for your building security

We live in an unpredictable and often hostile world and that is why some form of guard service is essential especially in big cities such as Manhattan and NYC.  Virtual service can advise regarding your best options for building safety and security guard services in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY and NYC.

When it comes to security guard services you have a number of options. The worst will be no guard service at all. Simply relying on a traditional lock and key is tantamount to no guard service at all. You have the option of a human guard. The traditional security guard services provides by humans still have an important role to play but for most small and medium sized businesses  there are more cost effective solutions.

Virtual security is the viable alternative to a human guard. A virtual guard service is based on sophisticated and advanced technology. This means that a person will only be allowed access if he or she has the right credentials. This could be by way of a proximity card and a pin code or even by way of some biometric identification. If a person does not have the right credentials the system simply won’t allow access. If anyone tries to gain access through some form of force the system will raise an alarm that will trigger an appropriate response. A virtual guard service also has other benefits. A virtual guard does not need to eat and sleep or use restrooms. A virtual guard service also does not demand a big fat check at the end of the month.

Security guard services in the form of virtual services can cover all important aspects of building security including access control, intercoms as well as video surveillance coupled with live monitoring and interaction.


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