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Hospital Security Tips: Identifying The Signs Of A Possible Violent Threat

Hospital security is of uttermost importance for patients, visitors and medical team. People cannot work in an environment that they feel is not safe for them, and patients cannot heal in a place where they are continuously under stress because of a possible attack.

A professional hospital security team will be able to identify the indications of increasing tension that usually precede an act of violence. They are specially trained to spot this behaviour especially because attackers don’t simply snap; they plan their attack, even if it is only 5 minutes before they take action.

There are three main stages of occurring violence:

  1. 1.       Intimidation

Being the first sign, it is also the most commonly seen. A person who is trying to intimidate will use the following “weapons”:

–          They refuse to cooperate with the authorities

–          They use inappropriate language

–          They often use verbal threatening

Even though at this stage there is no guarantee that the person will resume to violence, the security guard must act quickly towards solving their problem. These people are difficult to collaborate with because of their anger or irritation; therefore, the security guard must be aware of the language and tone they should use.

  1. 2.       Escalation

The most common behavior at this stage is:

–          Uses the “me versus them” mentality

–          May destroy furniture or other objects

–          Shouts and screams and is very easily irritable

–          Refuses collaboration with the authorities by all means

–          Threatens

  1. 3.       Increasing escalation

This is when the attacker gets “into action”. They physically assault people, they use weapons, they fight, they threaten to commit murder or suicide. It is the most dangerous case of all.

If the security guards are well trained, the attacker will never reach this third stage of violence.

And then violence occurs. If the hospital security guards are unable to identify these signs of violence, they won’t be able to manage the crisis in a smooth way.

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