Guard Service in NYC, NY, New York City, New York and Manhattan

Virtual security guard service is the new cost effective way to protect your residents and your assets Whether you manage a complex apartment, business or other facility in New York, New York City, NYC, NY or Manhattan, you know that building security is of utmost [more]

Building Security in New York City, New York, NY and NYC

CCTV guard service enhances your building security More and more buildings now rely on virtual services for enhanced building security and safety. A CCTV guard service is a central part of nay modern day virtual building security system.  If you own or manage a [more]

Service Options

Service OptionsChoose from three different levels of service to fit any budget and need. We offer full time 24/7 service or customized plans for buildings that require only partial service. [more]

Web Portal

Web PortalOur patent-pending web portal provides residents, building managers, superintendents, and on site concierges with an easy to use interface that improves your building’s security and gives you more control. [more]

Reception Management

Reception ManagementOur unique reception management solution allows on site employees to work hand in hand with the Virtual Doorman service for larger buildings. [more]

Door Guard

Door GuardOur unique system monitors your building entrances and alerts our operators to dangerous conditions such as when a door is propped open. [more]

Electronic Key Safe

Electronic Key SafeOur electronic key safe enables residents to provide secured access to their apartment unit, and eliminates the possibility of being locked out, just like a traditional doorman. [more]

Access Control

Access ControlWith electronic access control, buildings can provide a higher level of security and convenience for residents. [more]

Video Surveillance

Video SurveillanceOur enterprise class CCTV system ensures that our operators have eyes on your building and footage is successfully archived in the event of an incident. [more]

Remote Monitoring

Remote MonitoringRemote monitoring of your system improves performance and service quality, while reducing costs to manage the system. [more]

Mobile Application

Mobile ApplicationNow, You Can Take Your Doorman With You Wherever You Go. Virtual Doorman® On-the-Go™ -- The Mobile Application Available Exclusively from Virtual Doorman [more]

Smartphone Web Portal

Smartphone Web PortalWelcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! [more]

Remote Video Monitoring and Remote Video Surveillance for Manhattan, NYC, NY, and New York CIty. Virtual Guard Building Security Protects You at All Times

Command Center

By connecting your system components to our office, we are able to provide health monitoring and remote diagnostics. In the event of a problem, our technicians are able to pinpoint the issue prior to being dispatched to the site. The ability to diagnose the problem prior to arrival on site ensures that our technicians are properly equipped to fix the problem the first time around. Additionally, we are often able to diagnose whether the problem lies with our system or with something installed by another vendor (such as the elevator or garage door contractor).

Remote monitoring allows our office staff to manage your system and make changes to its programming and functions. Access cards and fobs can be activated and blocked remotely; video footage can be accessed and archived on our server; and network diagnostics can be performed. Because a technician does not need to be dispatched to the site in order to perform these tasks, the turnaround time is reduced as well as the cost for servicing and maintaining the system.