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Security Guards vs. Security Officers


Do you want to hire security guard services but you’ve heard the terms “security guard” and “security officers” and are wondering if there is any difference?

Although most of people think that the nominations are one and the same thing, they’re not. These are two separate terms that explain two different occupations. Today’s article talks about the difference between them.

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Security officers

Their job consists in managing a group of security guards by giving orders and supervising their activities. Sometimes, because of their experience in the field, security officers train those who want to specialize in security guard services.

Experience often comes with increased responsibility, therefore security officers are responsible for the operations of the security guards. Also, they can move from one place to another to check how things are going, unlike security guards which have to stay in one place.

Security guards

As we discussed above, security guards are the trainees of security officers. They work under the supervision of security officers until they accumulate enough experience in the field. Security guards are positioned to a certain place to oversee the place and to communicate any suspicious activity they might see and to give customer support where needed such as outdoor events, museums, and shopping centers.

When hiring security guard services to watch out for your business, you might want to think what type of business you are running so you can know what you need from a security guard. If you need more safety you can ask for an armed guard.

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