The Necessity for Proper Security Overseas

The Cannes Film Festival was not the only thing hitting France’s coast this past week. With the abundance of elegant hotels along the waterfront, a master jewel thief took full advantage, stealing over 130 million dollars worth of jewels from hotels along the French Riviera. The thief’s primary target was the Carlton InterContinental Hotel, which has been one of the nicer destinations in Cannes since the early 1950’s. In addition to the Carlton, there was also a jewel robbery in late February at the Brussels Airport in France, in which the thief stole over 350 million dollars worth of jewelry.

Many people who live in or visit luxury destinations rarely feel the need for high end protection, due to a false sense of security. However, there is clearly a need for improved security systems at these destinations, with Cannes, France just being one example of many in today’s society.



An Image of the Carlton InterContinental                       An Image of VG Monitoring Center

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