Video Monitoring from Virtual Guard in Manhattan NYC

Video monitoring and virtual guard helps secure your facility in NYC

Security and safety go hand in hand and safety is of paramount importance to all of us. However security also affects your bottom line. Little security, ineffective security or no security can cost your business dearly.  Here at Virtual Guard we provide state of the art remote video monitoring and virtual guard services that will help keep you and your workers safe while at the same time protecting your property, your assets and your bottom line.

We focus mainly on NEW YORK, NEW YORK CITY, NYC, NY, MANHATTAN where we install cutting edge remote surveillance equipment and provide unmatched security guard services. Virtual Guard has been involved in the security business for more than 15 years and we have in-depth knowledge of the finer security aspects in the state of New York and its major cities. Over the years we have invested heavily in technology and now we can offer our cutting edge security solutions to you.

Our security and surveillance services extend to all types of businesses and organizations. We help hospitals, schools, retail outlets, jewellery stores, banks and other sensitive businesses protect their facilities and the people who work there.

Security and safety go beyond mere monitoring equipment and other high tech stuff. Effective security requires an effective partnership, one based on trust, respect and understanding. That is where we are strong. Apart from supplying the latest in surveillance and safety equipment, we are your security partner. We take time to understand your business your unique requirements. This way we can provide you with a security and safety solution that matches your needs.

Don’t wait for things to go wrong, invest in your security now. Prevention is better than cure and we look forward to partnering with you and to prevent any security breaches and related damage and loss.

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