Virtual Security Guard Services in Manhattan, NY and All of New York City

Virtual Guard provides around-the-clock video surveillance for your property at a fraction of the cost of employing a guard or security service. We are always there for you to watch, detect, and protect; the Virtual Guard never sleeps or takes a break.

With over 19 million people in NYC and over 1.6 million in Manhattan alone, many business owners and residential buildings have to turned guard services to keep their facilities safe and secure. While security guards provide a valuable service in buildings throughout the city, the system is not without flaws. Building owners and management companies not only rely on guards to remain watchful and attentive, but they also depend on them to be honest and uphold the highest ethical standards. We’ve all seen it before — guards who fall asleep on the job, leave their post unattended to take a break or allow unauthorized individuals to enter the property. When your building’s security is too important to leave things to chance, who do you turn to? Virtual Guard has your guard service solution!

At Virtual Guard, we take the guesswork out of guard services. Our unique system utilizes the latest in CCTV, monitoring and access control technology to safeguard your building entrances. If a door is propped open, an unauthorized person is trying to gain entry or someone is in danger, our central monitoring system is standing by and ready to act. Our guard services system is not only state-of-the-art but it provides a cost-effective solution for businesses who may not have the means to employ a doorman or security guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many businesses throughout NYC have also found that our virtual guard services act as an added level of security to support their on-site security guards and ensure they are following building protocol at all times. No more worrying about a guard falling asleep or leaving the building unsecured while they take a break, because with Virtual Guard, someone is always watching.

Are you looking to centralize your guard services and cut down on operational costs? The Virtual Guard system allows you to remotely monitor entryways and sensitive areas. So, you don’t have to place guards at every door. You can create a monitoring station on-site at your building or rely on our central monitoring system to keep a watchful eye on your property for you. See for yourself why so many businesses and residential buildings in Manhattan and throughout New York City trust in Virtual Guard to keep them protected. Contact us today to learn more.