Virtual Guard Remote Video Monitoring for NYC, NY, and Manhattan

Why Smart Buildings Need A Virtual Guard

Everything that surrounds us is not a piece of technology or has a piece of technology embedded in it. Let’s take buildings as an example. Long gone are the days when a building was just a simple building and nothing else. We now implement all sorts of computer chips in buildings: from video cameras to movement sensors or smart lighting.

The amount of technology that we implement into our buildings means that buildings are not only becoming more expensive, they are to thieves like a haven of honey is to bees.

A lot of these smart buildings are hosting offices where businesses activate. Business owners are there most of times, but like everyone else they need to leave the building and head home, or enjoy their holidays, or spend some time with their families. However, their businesses cannot stop whenever they need to go from their company’s headquarters. But the threat of the business being attacked when the owner is not there is increased.

In New York, New York City, NYC, NY, Manhattan these kinds of attacks are more and more common. A virtual guard system can help you keep your business away from danger. Virtual guard surveillance includes video monitoring, movement detectors, and more.

There are numerous benefits of installing a virtual guard security system at home or at work:

–          They intimidate thieves – when they see video surveillance cameras, most thieves give up stealing or trespassing.

–          The video surveillance cameras can cover large areas

–          The video cameras are more effective that actual, real security guards – the recordings can be used as proof in case of a lawsuit

You are notified instantly if a crime is in progress and the surveillance system allows you to announce the police and prompt them to your place.

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