Virtual Guard Virtual and Building Security in Manhattan and New York

Virtual guard and security service watches your facility 24/7

Virtual security relies on high tech electronics and surveillance equipment to provide a level of security not possible in the not too distant past. A virtual guard is so effective it can actually replace a human guard service. Of course for ultimate security you can combine a virtual guard and a human guard.

In a large cities and highly populated areas such as New York, New York City, NY and Manhattan virtual security is a much needed service that can help secure homes, buildings, institutions, businesses and any other organization or place that could be vulnerable to security risks and threats.

With a virtual security system you can monitor and record activities in sensitive and important parts of your building or home. You can see who enters, who leaves and who acts suspiciously or commits a felon. Equally importantly a video surveillance system records evidence that can be used to convict an offender, substantiate an insurance claim or justify internal proceedings and actions against a perpetrator. A virtual security system also acts as effective deterrent to crimes and other illegal activities. This deterrent factor alone could justify the cost if a virtual guard and security system.

A virtual guard system not only watches and records what’s happening; it also monitors your home and premises remotely. In addition a virtual guard does not sleep, does not get distracted, does not need time off and can watch your home or facility 24/7.

A virtual guard system can be an integrated part of a bigger and broader security system that gives you ultimate control over access to and movements within your facility. On a smaller scale a virtual guard can also add a great amount of convenience to your life by allowing remote access to your home. This can be useful for verified deliveries and for granting access to friends and relatives when you are away.

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