Virtual Security: Virtual Guard in Manhattan, New York City, New York

Virtual security provides effective access control and surveillance

Modern technology has brought a new type of security called virtual security.  This new digital security can complement or replace the more traditional human security. Virtual security stands on three main pillars namely access control, surveillance and integration.  For state-of-the-art building security solutions in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY or NYC you should speak to the experts at Virtual Service.

Whether we talk about traditional security methods or more advanced virtual security, the objectives remain the same. The first main objective is to ensure the safety of all people who work at or visit your business or organization. The second objective is to protect the physical and intangible assets and valuables of your company. A third objective will be an adequate response to any threat or incident.

A virtual security system helps to safeguard your building through access control, surveillance and response. Access control is implemented in the form of proximity cards or keypad pins or both. Card readers can accept a card and grant access after the card is scanned. Additional security can be implemented by way of a pin. In this case the person selling access will also have to enter a secret pin. Access control can be implemented at the main entrance as well as in other areas and departments. Access can also be time sensitive allowing certain people access at specified time.

Surveillance is implemented by means of CCTV cameras and these can optionally be connected to a remote monitoring station.  Real time monitoring enables real time response to an event or incident. Surveillance footage can be viewed after an incident and can be a valuable piece of evidence.

You can integrate the various parts of virtual security systems such as door access, a CCTV camera and an intercom.

The fact that a virtual security system is always watchful gives it that added advantage over a human guard or traditional security system.

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