Guard Service in New York City, NYC, NY

Electronic guard service helps keep your building secure

One only has to follow the news for a short while to realize we live in a dangerous, unpredictable and fickle world. Electronic security the new guard service and a sensible way to keep your business, assets, workers and loved ones safer in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY and NYC.

An electronic guard services provides your building or facility with a security blanket that includes access control, CCTV surveillance, real time monitoring and response. An electronic guard service makes it more difficult for unauthorised people to gain access to your building in the first place. Electronic access control can also be programmed and set up to allow or disallow access to specific areas to certain people at specific times.

CCTV surveillance can provide solid footage and documentation of events or incidents within scope. When you have remote surveillance a virtual officer can initiate a response if required. Security is not only about preventing unwanted behavior but can also assist in the event of an accident or when someone is in distress.  An electronic guard system will reduce theft and other crimes, improve productivity and help to keep all people involved safer.

A popular guard service for apartment blocks is a virtual doorman service that enables two communications between visitors or delivery people and a remote operator. This means deliveries can still take place when a resident is away. Visitors who have the correct pin can also access a key safe in order to gain access to a hosts apartment.

Traditional security guard services are still useful especially at big events such as concerts, sport matches, shopping malls and similar. Smaller businesses can however benefit from a more cost effective virtual security system that does not need time off, sleep or lose concentration.

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