Virtual Guards


When it comes to NYC building security — no one is better equipped to serve you than Virtual Guards.

Virtual Guards is pleased to offer a variety of building security services, including state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, color video intercoms to connect remote locations for increased security, and access control systems to control who enters your property. Our surveillance systems are strategically designed to monitor high traffic areas, entrances, and secure or restricted zones of your property. At Virtual Guard, building security systems are never one-size-fits-all — we work closely with you to understand your goals so we can custom tailor our services to meet your unique requirements. Our color video intercoms and access control systems allow you to monitor who is coming and going from the property and restrict access to authorized individuals only. This allows you to create a controlled environment and have peace of mind even when you cannot be on the premises.

Virtual Guard provides around-the-clock high resolution video surveillance for your property at a fraction of the cost of employing a guard or security service. We are always there for you to watch, detect, and protect; the Virtual Guard never sleeps or takes a break.

Virtual Guards AI Alarms system uses video analytic software to constantly monitor your property and detect human intervention and behavior. Through event-driven video monitoring, software can not only distinguish people from animals and objects, but can recognize suspicious and unusual behavior, such as a loitering, aggression, intrusion, and distress. When these behaviors are detected, images are captured and immediately forwarded to operators at our central station so the situation can be further assessed, and assistance can be provided when necessary.

With a multi-camera, hi-tech CCTV system, Virtual Guards can view your entire property simultaneously from a remote location and deliver immediate assistance. Guard Remote tours can be schedules can be customized to service specific days of the week and or hours of the day/night.

Virtual Guards two-way audio stations give operators the ability to engage and speak to persons on site when unwanted behavior or emergencies occur. Our operators are specially trained to handle emergencies, intrusions and to de-escalate aggressive or unwanted behavior. Authorized owners and managers have the ability to customize instructions and the handling of these situations by our operators.

With Virtual Guards access control powered by Hartmann and High-powered flood lights, our operators have near total control of your building during an emergency or when unwanted behavior occurs. Virtual Guards Access Control gives operators the ability to unlock doors for first responders or lock doors and turn on high powers floodlights when there is a trespasser. As an added feature, residents can also unlock doors from their phones via their mobile app.

Our new Welcome Station™ takes the video intercom into the 21st Century by enabling truly digital communication via a FaceTime®-like video chat between visitors, residents, and our Monitoring Station. The new system provides more robust features and offers a lower cost alternative with a faster installation timeline so customers can get installed and activated within days.To learn more about our Welcome Station™ for gated communities, click here.