Guard Service & Security Guard Service in New York City, NYC, New York NY

A virtual security guard service can replace or complement a human guard

A traditional security guard service costs a lot of money and is not always as effective as you might hope. There are many security options but few are as effective as a virtual guard service. A virtual security system will go a long way to protect your New York facility or your New York City (NYC) business or your NY shop or Manhattan home.

You can of course have the best of both worlds and combine a traditional guard service with a virtual security service.  A human guard service has some drawbacks. First is a costly option and also involves a good deal of admin work, such as background checks, payroll and other staff related functions. More importantly a human cannot stand guard 24/7. So may need 2 or more guards who can man different shifts. Even when your guard is on duty he cannot focus 100% of the time on the job at hand. Your guard will need to visit the restroom, take a tea break, a lunch break and so on. Your human guard will also have to interact with visitors and even this is part of the job, it provides a window of opportunity for a sharp and vigilant intruder. Humans also get sick and your guards are no exception.

Well there is a solution if the form of a digital and electronic guard service. This virtual service can even replace a human guard or complement one. A virtual service relies on advanced technology to enable effective access control, intercom communications, CCTV surveillance and real time monitoring.

Your virtual guard does not suffer from the same limitations as your human guard.  A virtual guard service does not sleep, can work 24/7, can see in the dark and can alert an offsite monitor in the event of imminent danger.  In addition a virtual security service will cost far less than a real life guard service.

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